My Favorite Things Series February

Happy Monday to you!   I can't believe that February is almost over!  Holy Cow!  Where has the time gone???  Well anyway, this week I would like to start a monthly series that I call My Favorite Things.  This month I am going to share my favorite office supplies!  

These office supplies are items I use almost everyday to keep me and my life organized.  If you follow me on social media, every day I post a picture of my to do list.  I will also post my weekly menu, and my monthly calendar.  Most days I have it all glammed up with washi tape, different color pens, flags, post-it, and my newest addition (actually obsession) the dry erase duct tape.  I know I may go a little over board.  I may need a program for this.  Hello my name is Jenn and I am an office supply addict? Well maybe, it could be worse.

So lets get to my favorite list.  I have 6 things that I CANNOT live without.  These items help me stay organized and on top of my to do list.  I also want to let you know that these are my opinions I am not in any way affiliated with any companies.  These opinions are mine and only mine well, I mean you can have the same opinion as me, I'm just not getting paid to tell you that I love them, that's all.

Let's begin...

Glitter Tape, Washi Tape, & Colorful Scotch Tape

Oh yes, I love tape.  It can add color quickly to any to do list or calendar.  I use the tape any chance I get.  Between my youngest daughter and I we probably have every color and design known.  Every time I head to the office supply store or Target I hit the tape isle and find more tape I cannot live without.   Speaking of tape, yes that leads me to my next favorite thing...

Dry Erase Duct Tape & Magnetic Dry Erase Marker

So this is brand new to my favorite things list.  I have been taping everything with this!  My absolute favorite thing about this tape is that it's easily removable.  I have used the same piece of tape on my to do list for 10 days now.  It doesn't get stuck to my paper and it doesn't peel up on the sides either.  Lately all I can think about is, what can I make with this?!   Watch for that post coming soon!

I am going to shift my focus on to the marker.  I love the magnetic dry erase markers it can be stored on the whiteboard and I also love the fact that it comes with its own eraser!  Multi-purpose is a plus for me!  They also come in so many different colors so I can color code things on my white board and now the tape!

Post-It Notes & Flags

The post-its are used all day, every day, throughout the day!  Sometimes my list just gets way too long that I need to prioritize things so I add my list to post-its then I can remove the post-it as I finish making it not so bad.  The other thing I use it for is quick notes.  If I need to jot down a new blog idea that I have when I'm in the middle of something that's where it goes.  Later I can transfer it to my blog calendar.

The flags are used for my calendar usually or I use them for super important, can't forget item on my to do list.   They also make great page markers so I'm not folding pages of books or cook books I just flag it!



Oh highlighters, oh highlighters.  These aren't just any highlighters the Foray highlighters are by far the best highlighters out there.  They last forever so you really get your money's worth!  I use these every day.  When something needs to be checked off the list, I use a highlighter.  Of course they come in a million (not really a million, but a lot) of different colors so color coding your life with these are super easy!


No to do list can be complete without an epic pen.  I use the Pentel EnerGel pen in both blue and black.  Yes I use these everyday and they last forever!  The pen comes with a gripper so it is comfortable to grip and write.  I take a lot of notes the old fashioned way (pen and paper) so I need a pen that holds up and is consistent.  I favor gel ink over ball point because in my opinion, you get more bank for your buck.

Epic To Do List

So this technically may not be an office supply however, non of these items would be used by me much if it wasn't for an epic to do list!  So here go ahead and download my to do list.  This is the exact one I use every single day to keep me organized and productive.

So there it is, my favorite office supplies!  What did you think?  I would love to hear what you use maybe I need to add more to my list.  As always thank you for taking time to read this!